Дерев'яна решітка T.Marco 6.2P

Wooden lattice T.Marco 6.2P

The wooden lattice 6.2P is made from the following species of wood, to choose from: alder, oak, beech, ash, cherry, maple, and others.

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Description Wooden lattice T.Marco 6.2P

Characteristics of the lattice T.Marco 6.2P:

  • Design lattice: overlap
  • Type cell: horizontal squares
  • Size cell: 12×12 mm
  • Edge as well: flat (P) Flat (P) edge as well T.Marco 6.2P
  • Size slat (w/t): 15×2,5 mm
  • Size lattice (d/w/t): 1200x620x5±0,5 mm