Options for finishing wooden storage boxes T.Marco

Buying wooden storage boxes T.Marco you have the opportunity to choose their processing options, all these moments are discussed directly when ordering a product. At present, the following types of box processing are available: – No coating – Oiling – Tinting acrylic – Painting acrylic – Ageing tinting “Vintage” – Painting, rubbing of edges “Provence”

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Use of wooden lattices for a alcoves

An excellent option for arbor will be decorative wood lattice. The main advantage over other materials is their environmental friendliness. Constructions from a natural tree will not only be strong, but also will please you with the appearance. Wooden lattices are suitable for use with any other types of materials, but will especially look good […]

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Illegal use of TM “T.Marco”

LLC “Timarko” brings to your attention that the only legitimate website of the company has the domain name Other sites that use the trademark “T.Marco” and/or the name “Тімарко” (ukr.), “Тимарко” (rus.), and/or have the domain name tmarco in connection with such a nomenclature of goods (wooden grilles and wood products) are illegal and […]

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